Set Finder


Set Finder


Set Finder is a simple utility usefull to obtain a lot of informations about Lego Sets with a few click of mouse.
It can be downloaded at the following address: http://zaxxonit.altervista.org/setfinder.zip

Follow these steps to use  Set Finder :

  1. Select a Set number (Use Peeron Set Selection or BrickLink Set Selection). You can type a number or scroll the list. 

  1. If you want Click on the letf icon or to view a Set image.

3) If you don't remember the number of the set click on right icon ; then type a word (i.e. winter) click on Find      and select a Set. Click on Exit and the selected Set appear in the main window.

  1. Now, after the set has been chosen, you can find the informations you need by clicking on any button.

If you click on Lego Instructions use mouse right button to past the number of the set in the Quick finder text box.

You can select/unselect all the countries in the Ebay Box with a mouse rigth button

Occassionally you can update the list of the Sets. To do this use the Update menu. 

Thats all !







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