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LDSetsConversion Tutorial

LDSetsConversion is an update of Peeron_to_MLCad; useful to simplify the initial phase of implementation, with
MLCad or SR3D Builder, of existing Lego Sets. It's possible to reduce drastically the time needed to select the
parts and find the appropriate colors. LDSetsConversion has a simple user interface and can be downloaded
at the following address:
http://zaxxonit.altervista.org/ldsetsconversion.zip. Unzip the file and run the program
that has the green icon

When you use the program for the first time, click on Preferences to check / change the settings. Click on
Save Changes to confirm your changes. Restart LDSetsConversion at the end of this step.

   Follow these steps to use LDSetsConversion :

         Select a Set number (Use Peeron Set Selection or BrickLink Set Selection). You can type a number
or scroll the list

         If you don't remember the number of the set click on right icon ; then type a word (i.e. winter)
click on Find  and select a Set. Click on Exit and the selected Set appear in the main window.

      Click on the letf icon  or    to view a Set image.

      Click on Inventory (Peeron e/o BrickLink) to see the part's list.

         Varying the parameters related to the XYZ axes, before to start conversion, you can import the
parts in different ways (see the tutorial on

         Click on Conversion (BrickLink, in this example) and wait a moment.


      Click on these buttons to get some informations about the conversion.


    Be patient while the preview is created.




      Click on these buttons to start MlCad / SR3D Builder / LdView with the pieces of selected Set.



      Click on Instructions and now you can start to reproduce the Set !!


    Sometimes the instructions appear directly, sometimes use right-click in the appropriate box.

  •   You can also search for information about the parts using this area.

       LDSetsConversion creates a folder with the name of the set. Here you can find all the files generated.

         Occasionally, it is appropriate to update the list of sets, colors, similar parts, ldraw official parts,
ldraw unofficial parts etc ...





     Sources used in this program.


Creation of a special category in SR3D Builder and MLCad (V3.30)

         Select the option buttons indicated by the red arrows.  


   Click on Conversion and then start SR3D Builder

    Paste, with the right mouse button, in the Search Text Box the name of the Set. You can also write
directly there. Type:    Set: 4210-1  in this example.  Now, click on Find.   





         SR3D Builder create and use a special file: PartsNew.lis. LDSetsConversion adds a few lines in this
file to allow the selection of the pieces. This operation is always reversible and will not damage this
There are 2 ways to restore this file.


     Here you can see the first lines of PartNew.Lis;  before, during and after this process.


  • If you run MlCad V3.30 you will find, also, a folder with the imported pieces.


  • Sometimes during the download phase it may happen that the program blocks,
    in this case it is recomended to restart the application.

  • In some case tries to run LDSetsConversion as Administrator if  you have problems.